ELSO Writing and Presenting Tutoring runs through finals!

ELSO Tutoring can help with any writing or presentation

Feeling overwhelmed at the end of the semester? Do you have a big presentation coming up? A paper due soon?

ELSO Writing & Presenting Tutoring Service is here to help.

Currently, we have 15 tutors who come from all fields and speak over 15 languages.

Learn about our tutors here: https://elso.as.cornell.edu/meet-elso-tutors.

Our tutors can help you with any writing project (e.g., class papers, emails, dissertations, grant applications, statements of purpose) at any stage—from brainstorming to polishing. They can also help you with presentations, from slides to structure, at any stage.

Learn about our tutoring service here: https://elso.as.cornell.edu/elso-tutoring#tutoring-on-writing-and-presentations

Our tutors work on all levels, from words to overall structure, and we work with cultural matters, from email etiquette to the nuances of diversity statements.

If you are a Cornell graduate or professional student who uses English as an Additional language or if you are a Postdoc, you are eligible to attend two sessions a week at no additional cost.

Our service will run through exam week, till Dec. 17.

Sign up for a session here: https://cornell.mywconline.com/schedule.php

(Note, you will need to register, but don’t worry. We don’t share your information and won’t spam you.)

If you have any questions, contact ELSO Writing & Presenting Tutoring Director Dr. Nathan Lindberg at nwl26@cornell.edu

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