In collaboration with the Office for Postdoctoral Studies, ELSO offers tutoring on writing, presentations, and pronunciation to all multilingual domestic and international graduate students, professional students and post-docs. This tutoring is offered by trained graduate peer tutors from a variety of fields. 

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Questions about ELSO Tutoring Services may be sent to the ELSO email account.

Make an Appointment

We use My WC Online to schedule tutoring appointments. The first time you visit this site, you will be asked to register for MyWCOnline, a third-party platform to which we subscribe. This platform is widely used by writing tutoring services across the U.S. and can be trusted to keep your data secure. 

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FAQ - Online and e-tutoring

Q: Are there face-to-face appointments?

A: Pronunciation Tutoring will only be online for spring 2024. Writing & Presenting tutoring is mostly online; However, we may offer limited face-to-face appointments. 

Q: What is Online tutoring? 

A: Your tutor will meet you online (i.e. synchronously). You can share your content with the tutor and have the option of using video, audio, or chat to communicate with your tutor.  

Q: How do I book an Online session?

A: Choose an open (i.e. white) slot on the sign-up schedule. Under “Meet Online?” select “Yes, Schedule Online appointment.” Then at the time of your appointment, find your timeslot on the schedule, select it, and you will see this prompt in red letters: “Start or Join Online Consultation.”

Q: For Writing & Presenting, what is eTutoring?

A: You email your document to your tutor. The tutor will make comments on it and send it back to you by the end of your booked session.

Q: How do I book an eTutoring session?

A: Choose an open (i.e. white) slot on the schedule below. Under “Meet Online?” select “Yes, Schedule eTutoring appointment.” Then find your tutor’s email address that is listed above on the form, and email your tutor your document.

For best results in eTutoring, email your document as soon as you can and include the following information: (1) What is your document? Is it a class paper? Part of a dissertation? An email to a professor? (2) Does your document have a due date? If so when? (3) How important is the document? Is it a cover letter that must be perfect? Is it a first draft of something you will re-write? (4) Have you received other comments on the paper? If so, what were they? (5) Were you given instructions on how to write the document, such as a writing prompt? If so, please include them. (6) What do you want the tutor to focus on? The overall structure and ideas? A certain section? Looking for word-level mistakes?

Tutoring Policies

  • Appointments are for 45-minute sessions, which start on the hour.
  • Appointments may be made up to 7 days before the scheduled session. 
  • All writing and presenting tutees are limited to up to 2 appointments per week, which may be booked back-to-back.
  • Pronunciation tutees are limited to 2 appointment per week.
  • Tutees may cancel appointments up to 2 hours before their scheduled appointment time.
  • A tutee will be marked as a "no-show" if he/she does not logon within the first 10 minutes of a session. For eTutoring, tutees must email their document to their tutor before their booked session starts. 
  • After 3 no-shows, a tutee will be blocked from making more appointments and any scheduled appointments will be canceled. Tutees wishing to reinstate their tutoring privileges need to contact Dr. Nathan Lindberg