Workshop Series

ELSO offers workshops on a range of topics related to writing and speaking available to all multilingual domestic and international graduate and professional students. These workshops are not credit-bearing but do require registration. There is no fee. Students may choose to register for only one or two workshops or may register for the full set.

Questions about ELSO Workshops may be sent to the ELSO email account.

Spring 2024 Workshop Series

In spring 2024, ELSO workshops will take place on Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 pm EST in Caldwell Hall room 250.

Workshop Registration

To register for an ELSO workshop, visit WC Online and choose "ELSO Spring 2024 Workshops" from the Schedule drop down menu. Navigate through the schedule to the date of the workshop you are interested in and click on the white box next to the description, and fill out the registration information.

February 2: Writing Cover Letters

A cover letter is usually a one- to two-page document that introduces you for a position (e.g., a job, a fellow, a student in a doctoral program). It is a personal document that commonly explains who you are and why you’re a good fit. Many people are using GAIs, such as ChatGPT, to write theirs. However, how do you know if a GAI-generated cover letter works for you? Also, if everyone is using ChatGPT, how do you get yours to stand out? And what are the alternatives to using a GAI? This workshop will help you understand cover letters, give you tools for assessing one, and provide suggestions for making an effective one.  

February 16: How to Critically Review a Paper

Critically reviewing papers is an essential skill during graduate school. Graduate students may be asked to review published papers as a course assignment or for a journal club, or may be asked to review drafts-in-progress by peers or by an academic journal. This workshop will introduce strategies for critically reviewing published papers and unpublished drafts, as well as explore how these strategies may be adapted for different situations.

March 8: ELSO Forum: Let's Talk about Generative AI and Writing!

Some students are using GAI (e.g. ChatGPT, Bard, Claude) all the time. Some students are afraid to use it out of fear of cheating. Others are using it but not talking about it, out of fear that people will see them as cheating. And some professors embrace it, encouraging students to use it, while others reject its use, fully banning it. Let’s talk about it! We want to hear your voices—your concerns, your questions, your innovative ways of using GAI.

During this forum, the ELSO faculty will facilitate a conversation to explore GAI in relation to writing and to provide students with a safe space to ask questions, discuss concerns, and share possible uses of this new technology.

April 12: Tips for Better Engaging Your Audience

You may have important information and ideas to share, but if your audience isn’t paying attention, your message may be missed. During this workshop, you will learn strategies to better engage your audience with your voice and gestures, as well as become aware of ways to make your ideas more relevant and accessible to a non-specialist audience.  

April 19: Highlighting International Competencies in Resumes and CVs: Identify home culture assets that enhance your professional development opportunities at Cornell and post graduation

Led by

Leslie Whitcomb, International Student Inclusion Specialist, Office of Global Learning, Office for the Vice Provost for International Affairs

Jaqueline Mouillesseaux, Dual Career Coach and Professional Development Liaison, Human Resources

This workshop will invite graduate and graduate professional students to identify professional and academic strengths from their home countries. These strengths, when input into resume/C.V. content and applied to professional development resources available at Cornell University, can enhance academic and professional success. We will work with your personal values, your personal narrative, and bridge those strengths into your academic and professional development. The workshop is low key, hands on and supportive. Direct connection to Career Services resources to extend skills learned will be provided.