Workshop Series

ELSO offers workshops on a range of topics related to writing and speaking available to all multilingual domestic and international graduate and professional students. These workshops are not credit-bearing but do require registration. There is no fee. Students may choose to register for only one or two workshops or may register for the full set.

Questions about ELSO Workshops may be sent to the ELSO email account.

Fall 2023 Workshop Series

In fall 2023, ELSO workshops will take place on Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 pm EST in Caldwell Hall, room 250.

Workshop Registration

To register for an ELSO workshop, visit WC Online and choose "ELSO Fall 2023 Workshops" from the Schedule drop down menu. Navigate through the schedule to the date of the workshop you are interested in and click on the white box next to the description, and fill out the registration information.

September 8: Preparing for University Career Days

This September, Career University Fair Days will take place partially online and partially in-person. In past events, over 100 companies have sent their representatives to provide information about working for their company, to collect applications from students, and even to conduct hiring interviews. Through this workshop, you'll learn what to expect and some strategies for attending the fair.

October 13: Socializing and Networking

At conferences, during networking events, even just waiting in line at Starbucks, these are all times to make contacts and talk about your academic work with others. In this workshop, you’ll learn about and practice starting a conversation and continuing it to make friends and connections. You will also learn strategies for making your academic work understandable for others outside your field.

October 20: Tips for the Academic Job Search

The start of fall semester is when many faculty positions are advertised and postdoc positions become available. Come to this workshop to better understand the overall academic job search timeline, how to interpret academic job ads, the types of materials included in applications, and campus resources that can support you as you move through the process.

October 27: Writing Effective Request Emails

Request emails are emails in which the sender asks the receiver to do something (such as serve as a reference), give permission for something (such as permission to audit a course), or confirm something (such as confirming a meeting time). Graduate students often need to write request emails to professors, advisors, peers, and potential employers. This workshop will introduce elements of request emails and introduce strategies for crafting request emails that are clear, polite, and effective. Be sure to bring a laptop computer to participate in the workshop activities.

November 10: Clearer Pronunciation with Clearer Vowels

Improve your pronunciation by focusing on the vowels of English. In this workshop, you’ll learn how the vowel sounds are made and how they affect clarity. We’ll utilize the app called Blue Canoe and learn how you can adjust your vowels to become more intelligible and be better understood.

November 17: Writing a Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement

If you are applying for a graduate program, often, a crucial part of your application is a 1–2-page paper called a statement of purpose (SoP)—also called a personal statement, a letter of intent, or other monikers. This workshop will give you strategies for writing and assessing your SoP. You will gain an understanding of the intent of an SoP, common protocols used, and approaches to customization. In addition, diversity statements will be introduced.