Writing and GAI

ELSO GAI Statement

ELSO's general statement on effective and ethical usage of Generative AI (GAI) discusses some of the concerns and best-use practices surrounding the use of GAI programs such as Chat GPT, Google Bard, etc. The full statement can be found here, or a downloadable PDF may be found here.

Using Generative AIs for Writing with Less Risk

Generative artificial intelligence (GAI) tools for writing (e.g. ChatGPT, Quillbot, Copilot, Gemini) are being increasingly used in academic and professional settings. They can be powerful tools for learning language, learning about forms of writing (genres), brainstorming, revising, and editing. But they also come with some risks. ELSO has created a handout with tips on mitigating the risk of using these tools, which can be found here. A downloadable PDF of this handout is also available here.

How GAI Is Being Used for Writing

ELSO faculty have created a list of ways they have observed students using generative artificial intelligence (GAI) tools for writing (e.g. ChatGPT, Quillbot, Copilot, Gemini), which can be found here. This is not a static document, nor a list of uses that ELSO necessarily endorses. We encourage you to use this document to think through how you use GAI tools for writing and which uses you think are appropriate and ethical for different contexts. A PDF of this list is available here.