Thari Zweers

Ph.D. Candidate, ELSO Writing and Presenting Tutor


Languages have always fascinated me, so for my research I focus on multilingual literary cultures from late medieval England, France, and Italy. I am interested in the interplay between different languages, cross-cultural literary traditions, and manuscript culture. Through my research, I examine questions concerning the formation of national identities and how they intersect with other socio-political expressions of identity (like class, race and gender). The fourteenth-century poet John Gower (1330-1408) is of particular interest to me as a writer who was invested in writing extensively in all three major languages of late medieval England (Middle English, Anglo-French and Latin), while incorporating many Continental literary traditions.


  • ‘Godfrey of Viterbo’s Pantheon and John Gower’s Confessio: The Story of Apollonius Retold.’ Accessus 5.1 (Fall 2019).
  • ‘Gerald of Wales’ The Journey Through Wales: Reinstating the Greatness of the Welsh Nation.’ Hortulus 12.1 (Autumn 2015).
  • ‘Book review – On the way science proceeds: Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions as an invitation to change perspective.’ Honours Review 10 (Spring 2017).